01 May

Exciting new updates

Exciting news!

In the upcoming weeks we are adding a few new features that will help make your consulting experience easier. These updates include:

  • Incorporating a designated area on your profile where you are able to add your work experience and list your general CV. (Please note this is visible to the public, so we recommend being careful with displaying personal data.)
  • Expanding your user profile to include the option to upload documents, which can range from a personal portfolio to work certificates.
  • Increasing the maximum file size of uploaded documents.
In order to ensure you provide the adequate amount of information companies require to hire an employee/ consultant we have included a checklist below for your convenience.
  • CV/resume
  • Professional profile picture
  • LinkedIn link to your page
  • Price per hour
  • Field of expertise

Having this information readily available to employers should significantly increase the amount of jobs you get contacted for.
We will send a confirmation email to inform you when these updates have been implemented so you are able to edit your profile accordingly. We want to thank you for your support during our start-up stage and encourage you to provide feedback on what you enjoy on the platform and what we can improve on in the future.

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Thank you,

Martijn Siepelinga