22 May

Entrepreneurial succes story.

What was the main reason to start your own company?

Our idea for the company came up during a holiday together. Fajza has always been entrepreneurial, and while talking about medical companies that were short of educated employees, we said that we could solve this problem together. Together with our legal and healthcare background, we thought we were the perfect combination to solve this problem. During our holiday we immediately started writing the business plan.


Did you stick by your business plan?

Fortunately, everything went according to our business plan and we did not encounter any major problems. Everything went better than expected and we got a much faster growth than we expected in our business plan.


What is the purpose of your entrepreneurship?

We as a company always want to deliver quality. That is why all our staff have multiple qualifications and are socially very skilled. Because we are very critical with the people we hire, we can usually offer the right specialist to the customer. As a result, several of our employees have already been permanently employed by one of our clients. In some way, we do not actually have customers but fans.


What was your most difficult part of starting up and how did you overcome it?

Bridging the gap between full time job and a full time company. At the beginning we could not get the required revenue from the Waarneempunt and we both had to work 80 hours per week. Going to customers after a normal working day resulted in many sleepless nights. Fortunately, we have both gone through this period of hard and disciplined work. Over time, we got the benefit of hiring people who keep our records. This greatly helps to reduce the pressure on us.


What sort of challenges did you face during the start-up fase of your company?

Our biggest challenge was time. There were a lot of things to do and little time to be productive and to do it. The work is often incredibly hard which makes it hard to take the time to enjoy it. Fortunately, it has all been true and we are now very pleased with the success we have achieved over the past 2 years. Fortunately, we can now enjoy the experiences and milestones that we work incredibly hard towards every day.


Did you seek advice outside your direct network?

Fortunately, our friends have been well supported with moving, installing computers securely all data and also provided a lot of emotional support. We did not ask for real advice about the way we worked because we already had a lot of knowledge about the way we did things.


What does your company do?

"Waarneempunt” focuses on quality promotion in General Practisioner care. The Waarneempunt arose from many common obstacles found in primary care. We use our expertise to contribute towards ideas and solutions. Het Waarneempunt is your solution in many areas.


Do you notice that other entrepreneurs look differently at female entrepreneurs?

Not necessarily. The only thing is that some entrepreneurs in the care sector do not expect a woman. But after a few seconds, they won’t treat you differently because you are a woman from my experience.


How do you experience the pressure of being your own boss?

Incredibly high! You are 24/7 responsibility for everything that happens and everything you do has a reaction that you have to take responsibility for.


Are you proud of what you have accomplished

Incredibly proud, it shows that hard work pays off.


Where do you see the company in 5 years?

We hope that the company will be run even better so that we can reduce the pressure on ourselves. It would be nice if we could reduce our tasks by delegating more tasks to our staff.



What type of advise would you give to entrepeneurs

Make sure you have enough time to focus for a full 100% on your business. Only when you give 100% for it will you succeed.


What would you have done differently?

We are pleasantly surprised about how it goes and has gone. We have no regrets and find this an empty emotion. We would do anything different, even if it had the change to do so.