01 May

What we do

Consultmi is a platform where entrepreneurs can hire consultants to give feedback on their business plan or to help them grow as a business. This platform allows you to hire consultants with different levels of expertise from different fields, who all have been background checked by us. This new method makes it easy to find a relevant consultant. It also allows smaller businesses to reduce costs without compromising on the quality.

Our venture idea came to us when two childhood friends were discussing plans for a new business idea. We noticed that we always got stuck at the start-up phase and were in need of independent advice from a professional. We used to get advice from relatives and people we knew, but they were usually not in the same field. We soon realized that we wanted good and relevant feedback and couldn’t get that at the current market place.

We figured we couldn’t be the only one who were facing this issue.

Since we were you it has always been our mutual dream to start our own company together and in the summer of 2017 we decided to jump into the unknown and build www.consultmi.co. Our aim is to make sure all the consultants on Consultmi have had a background check and thus are verified, this allows you as an entrepreneur to focus on all the other things you need to do.

For more questions or comments email us atinfo@consultmi.coor on our personal email addresses;alexander@consultmi.nl (operations),martijn@consultmi.nl(customer service) or robinseverijns@consultmi.nl (communications)