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Times are changing. There are thousands of skilled individuals who have great business ideas but lack the resources to follow through with it. We know firsthand that finding the perfect professional consultant can be challenging and expensive, this is where we come in. At Consultmi we help connect skilled consultants with individuals or startups who need assistance achieving their vision. For businesses and individuals - we know first hand that getting a professional consultant can be expensive, this is where we save the day. At Consultmi you can select a freelance consultant that fits your own needs. They can give advice on your work, from a business plan to dissertation. It just takes a few minutes to get signed up. You agree to the price beforehand with the consultant, all in our chat function. All you have to do is upload the document you want revising and upload the money into your online wallet. For consultants, we provide a new workplace. You are able to work from anywhere. Using our portal allows you to exchange documents and ensure you get paid on time. The more information you add to your profile, the better the chance you get hired.